Chesapeake Sling Sunbrella Replacement Cradles


Replace your worn out Cradles for your Chesapeake slings.  Attached with 1.5" Velcro. Made with Sunbrella, the #1 Marine Fabric, this cradle is made of a UV resistant material that is durable and long-lasting.  Best fit for your 1X or 2X.

Cradle size:  26" x 12"  Set of (2) Cradles



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2 Reviews

28th Jan 2016


All good. Fit, ease of installation, colour - all good.

Tito 14th Jan 2015

Better than original material

I've had two pairs of these slings and the material they came with wore out right away. I had Cordura replacements made that also failed over a longer period and now will try these Sunbrella which appear sturdier and hopefully will resist UV here in Florida. Shipping could be less on these...

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