Atlanta Sling


We are IN STOCK with these slings.  

The BEST Slings for both 4's & 8's!  Be ready for the racing season, place your order now! These are a set of (2) slings.

Durable yet light, these slings have anodized aluminum tubing, stainless fasteners, a rugged support cradle and strong, thick support brackets. 

Burnham Boat Slings fold flat.  These slings are ideal for supporting eights and fours.

Size: 35.5" tall.  Sling opens 24.0" wide & 10.0" deep to support eights or fours.  Imported.

Set of (2) Slings. 

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4 Reviews

Ray Fusco 7th Aug 2018

Better than I expected

High-quality materials, heavy-duty hardware and ingeniously designed even down to the contoured ridge in the aluminum upper tube to provide additional stiffness. I was pleasantly surprised. My intent was to support a small business and so thrilled I did. I even got a handwritten note on my invoice saying thank you! Thank you Peter!

Charlie Hammlin 30th Aug 2017

Exactly what I needed

I have a stunning 1976 Stampfli wooden sectional quad that I have brought back to its original pristine condition. I purchased 3 Atlanta slings for its storage and to facilitate putting it together for regattas here on the West Coast. They are solid and stable and serve as a perfect complement to the shell.
Charlie Hamlin

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