Burnham Repair and Upgrades for your Covers, Bags, and Slings

At Burnham we want your custom covers to last a lifetime! 

After listening to our customers, and repairing some products, we know which items are likely to wear out. We are now offering a repair service that is also an upgrade to our latest fabrics and components.

For a Cover Repair, we will Upgrade & Install:  

  • New Custom Re-designed Bow & Stern Ends including Safety Loops at each end of the cover
  • New YKK #10 Marine Zipper
  • New Fin Velcro
  • Re-designed Stern Flag with integrated Reflective tape

For an Accessory Bag Repair, we will completely replace your old zipper with a new YKK #8 Marine Zipper designed to extend the functional life of your Oar and Rigger bags.

We will also re-stitch a seam or two and make sure any logos are secure. If a repair looks like it will be above and beyond our standard service due to holes, tears, or excessive wear and tear, we will reach out to you with an adjusted estimate before we begin.

How it works:

  1. Purchase the appropriate Cover or Bag Upgrade and return shipping costs (links below).
  2. Box up your clean Cover or Bag. If you choose to send your Cover or Bag to us, please make sure it’s relatively clean. We don’t need to be able to eat off it (nor do we want to), but some Covers and Bags have shown up here in surprisingly gross condition. If that’s your Cover or Bag, clean it by wiping it down with a mild detergent while it's on your boat followed by a rinse, or run it in a gentle cycle in an appropriately sized washing machine. Let it dry out before shipping it to us. Air drying is recommended, but a few minutes in a warm (not hot) dryer to start the process is ok.

    Please note: if your item is excessively dirty or has a strong off-putting odor when it arrives at our shop, it will not be worked on or evaluated and instead will be returned with cleaning instructions.

  3. Send your Cover or Bag to us at Burnham Boat Slings, 57 Hanover ST, Lebanon NH 03766. Send it with a method that is trackable. If anything goes wrong in shipping, you can at least find out where it was delivered by mistake.
  4. Please include a print out of your order.
  5. We will try to return your upgraded cover within 2-3 weeks!

For an Sling Repair, we can send you new Cradles with or without Team Customization. Smaller Cradles for 1x, 2-/x, or Kayaks or Larger Cradles for 4+/-/x, 8+s, and wide hulls.

Accessory Bag Repair and Upgrade

Single Rowing Shell Cover Repair and Upgrade

Double Rowing Shell Cover Repair and Upgrade

Quad/Four/+/- Rowing Shell Repair and Upgrade

Eight+ Rowing Shell Repair and Upgrade