Chesapeake Sling


This is our most popular sling for singles & doubles! Lightweight Aluminium frame, Heavy Duty Cordura sling, these slings are incredibly versatile. Internal frames supports sling independent from the weight of the shell. Great for both daily boathouse and regatta use! Folds flat. 

It measure 27"(H) x 16"(D) x 20"(W) 

Set of (2) slings.

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Mike 22nd Dec 2017

Slings for 2Xs and 1Xs

This is not our first purchase of these slings and probably not our last. They are secure, stable and have always been durable. Very simple, they do what they need to do.

TR 29th Nov 2017

Well worth it!

For small boats this is the standard that I tell everyone to buy when they get a single or double. Stable, allows for boats to be tied in and won't allow them to be blow out. Cradle boats properly and soundly when rigging. Much better than camp seats.

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