All About Covers - Styles and Materials

Burnham Boat Covers are designed to extend the life of your boat and protect it from damage during travel and storage. All of our covers are made to your exact boat dimensions and are customizable for color and material.Our high quality covers will add years to the life of your boat.

Happy Travels!

Sunbrella Full Zip's are also ideal for Outdoor Storage


We manufacture our boat covers with either a Full Zip or a Strap and Buckle closure. Each style is fitted to your exact boat dimensions. Full Zip covers provide a snugger fit than Strap and Buckle.

Full Zip covers encase the entire de-rigged boat in a single zippered cocoon for rugged protection.They are ideal for indoor storage, outdoor storage, and all transport. For extended outdoor storage we recommend a Full Zip Sunbrella® Cover.

Strap and Buckle covers are a more open-style, designed to wrap around your boat’s hull and then secured with straps and buckles. The easy on-off style leaves the cockpit uncovered and accessible and allows you to keep your boat fully rigged. Strap and Buckle is a great way to protect boats that are in frequent use.Ideal for indoor storage and occasional, short transport.


We use Sunbrella® and a Nylon Cordura® for our boat covers. You can select from a wide range of colors, for both body and tips and tails, to design your individual cover. All of our covers have an optional quilted nylon lining that adds both padding and lasting strength.

Sunbrella®, the most popular marine fabric in the world is also our most popular boat cover choice.It is highly durable, water resistant, and fade resistant.The rich colors are solution dyed creating a vibrant, sun- safe fabric. These covers provides unparalleled protection against damaging UV rays. It is also mold and mildew resistant and has a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Nylon CORDURA® fabric is a coated, heavy-duty fabric constructed using high tenacity nylon fiber. We use 1000 Denier CORDURA® the industry-leading choice for outdoor gear products.Water repellant and quick drying, CORDURA® is also tear resistant.