Burnham Mounting Hardware


NEW Burnham Hardware featuring (2) 4"x3.5" Square U-Bolts with Stop Nut Wing Knobs for easy and safe mounting.  With Universal Hardware, the size of your cross racks is no longer an issue.  You can easily move your CT Systems from vehicle to vehicle without concern of compatible mounting hardware.  A great convenience!

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Bob Alexander Aug 17 2023

Mounting Hardware

Base washer, lock washer and nice nut knob give us confidence in roof hauling the double. Our Burnham rack is now secured by square u-bolts on three bars. It was tempting to over-tighten the previous t-handle nuts, breaking the plastic. And these new nut knobs are easier to remove for winter rack storage.

Anton Chmela Jun 08 2023

Universal mounting hardware

Well made hardware that allows easy installation and removal of my roof top carrier. I am updating my Burnham carrier with this hardware.

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