Sunbrella Strap and Buckle Double Cover


Protect your boat with the very best custom fit cover!

Our Sunbrella® Strap & Buckle Double Cover provides superior protection.

Sunbrella®, the #1 marine fabric, is water resistant and rugged, the rich colors are fade-resistant.  Our quilted lining adds padding and protection.

NEW - Our signature quilted lining is now available for Strap & Buckle covers!  (Optional)

Advantages to Strap and Buckle

  • Hull only cover with open cockpit access
  • Best use for daily use storage for rigged boats
  • Easy-on-off, just unbuckle and lift off
  • Ideal for short term outdoor storage
  • NEW Optional quilted nylon lining for added padding and protection

For extended outdoor storage we recommend a Full Zip Sunbrella® Cover.

Proudly made in our factory in New Hampshire, USA 

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1 Review

Tim Huebner Nov 06 2014

Helps preserve one's boat.

There are a few quibbles. But, overall, the strap-and-buckle Sunbrella cover is a good product for keeping rain, tree sap, dirt, debris and sun off of the boat while stored hull "up". The material quality is good. The workmanship is good. I only use it for storage, not for transportation. I am not qualified to comment on its suitability for use during transportation.
* the straps are way too long on the narrow parts of the boat. Where the hull is wider, the straps should be a bit longer
* a two-piece version should be offered in addition to the single piece. (for a boat as long as a double, the single-piece cover can be challenging to install and remove)
* on the stern (where there's no integrated "hood") the nearest strap is far enough away from the stern that the fabric can easily blow off and no longer cover in case there are high winds. I might need to install grommets and a cord or some other addition. (There's good reason for this problem. The two components of the buckle together, when fastened, make a minimum length to the strap so it can't be shortened enough if the strap and buckle were any closer to the stern. Perhaps a smaller buckle and strap or a flap of fabric and a snap, for example, could hold the stern fabric in place better.)
* the fabric width is only just barely more than the hull and so it can expose the hull edges unless perfectly centered. A little extra fabric, perhaps 20 mm, would make the installation centering less finicky. (Because the Maas has a rolled edge on the hull, dirt and debris will gather in the rolled edge if it is left exposed. Hulls without a rolled edge wouldn't need the extra bit of fabric.)
I would recommend this product to a friend.

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