Wide Cradles, Set (2)


Carry your Single, Double, or Kayak in our Burnham Classic 18" CT Wide cradle with an easy attachment to an 8' Rail on your car, van, truck, or mounted to your dock.  Your shell's cushioned ride is safe and stress free. 

Our Wide Cradles will work with all Recreational, Open Water, and OC singles, and Racing doubles. For Racing Singles and Surf Skis, please refer to our Narrow Cradles for a more appropriate fit.

19" Width, 3" x 1/8" Aluminum Cradle with 2" Center drilled mounting, 2" Polypropylene webbing, with pipe insulation & Marine Blue Cordura Nylon Sleeve and Caps.  Compatible with New 2014 and pre-2014 CT Systems.

Manufactured and assembled in New Hampshire, USA.

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2 Reviews

Carson Apr 04 2021

wide craddles

The wide craddles on the 8' bar have worked great for me. Pocock wherry = done. Racing 1x = done. 15.5' kayak = done. Love em.

Robert Anderson Mar 22 2015

Dock Cradle

For years I have made wooden dock cradles for my Maas Arrow. Over time they loosen and need to be replaced. The wide aluminum cradles from Burnham Boat Slings offers a more stable solution in the years to come. I just mount them to the dock. They have been a great solution.

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