Aqualon Edge® Soft Coastal Single


A great NEW option from Burnham for your Coastal Boat!  Our Burnham Coastal Cover will both protect and keep your boat clean.  Best used for outdoor storage when you're looking for just a little more security from the elements! 

Our Burnham Coastal Boat 1x covers are sized to fit your boat. Our covers are offered in two styles - Strap & Buckle closures for Top only or Hull only covers, and a Full-Zipper closure for our Full Boat covers. Give us a call at (888) 285-1007 or shoot us an email to discuss measurement specs for your boat.

Our Strap & Buckle Single Cover in Aqualon Edge Soft® provides superior protection. Buckled webbing straps will hold the cover securely. Full-Zip Covers in Aqualon Edge Soft® offer even more protection, eliminating all cockpit and hull exposure to the elements.

Protect your boat with the very best custom fit cover!

Aqualon Edge Soft® provides superior protection, yet is lightweight & easy to use.  The boat cover fabric grants the performance of Aqualon Edge® with the protection of a soft warp-knit (brushed) backing. Powered by Perfecta Marine® technology, the vinyl-coated polyester topside provides the best in heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV defense.

Aqualon Edge Soft® is a next-generation hybrid marine fabric.  It has a heat minimizing vinyl-coated exterior that keeps interior temperatures cool.  A warp-knit polyester backing provides an abrasion-resistant surface that’s safe to use against sensitive gelcoats. Suited for aquatic conditions, the material is water resistant and mildew repellent. 

Advantages to Strap and Buckle

  • Hull only cover option with open cockpit access
  • Bottom only cover option for boats stored upside down
  • Best use for daily use storage for rigged boats
  • Easy-on-off, just unbuckle and lift off
  • Ideal for outdoor storage

Our Aqualon Edge Soft® covers are ideal for outdoor storage!

Our custom fit is specific to your exact boat dimensions!

Proudly made in our factory in New Hampshire, USA

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