Aqualon Edge Soft® Surf Ski Cover Single


Protect your Surf Ski with the very best custom covers!

Our Aqualon Edge Soft® Surf Ski Cover Single provides superior protection for high performance kayaks.

Aqualon Edge Soft® ensures specialized protection on both sides of the fabric. The boat cover fabric presents the performance of Aqualon Edge with the protection of a soft warp-knit backing. The vinyl-coated polyester face provides the best in heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV defense. The warp-knit polyester underside offers an abrasion-resistant surface that's safe to use over sensitive gelcoats. The hybrid marine fabric keeps interior temperatures cool and free from damage. 

Key features of our top quality covers:

  • Fully enclosed and custom fit
  • Easy on-off style with durable zipper
  • Reduce transport damage to your boat
  • Excellent choice for indoor, outdoor and long term storage

Our Aqualon Edge Soft® Surf Ski covers are ideal for outdoor storage!

Our custom fit is specific to your exact boat dimensions!

Proudly made in our factory in New Hampshire, USA.



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1 Review

Pamela Boteler Jun 01 2019

Fantastic Custom Work for my Kahele OC1

First big test of my custom Burnham Boat Slings OC1 (#Kahele) cover a resounding success. A long, and sometimes raining, trip to upstate NY and back over Memorial weekend, and it was perfect. I have the Aqualon Edge Soft cover with a nice soft fuzzy lining to protect the boat. Handles on both ends to help with carrying if needed. Velcro slits for the rudder and plug. Velcro cover for the zipper with a little sewed in flag. Reflective trim along the outside.

It rained a lot, yet the inside did not retain moisture as I feared. Well constructed. Only just slightly loose fit and maybe 2 inches long, but don't mind the extra room. Does not affect functionality or ability to carry it.

Glad they now have the dimensions for the Puakea Designs Kahele. Several people expressed interest!

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