CT 1X International System with 4' Rails & Wide Cradles



This is the start of a great modular Cartop System.  The CT 1X with Wide Cradles includes our (2) updated 4' (1.5"x 3") Aluminum Rail, with NEW center drilled Universal Mounting hardware, rail connecting hardware, and (2) 19' Wide Cradles.  Featuring (2) 4' rails, the International CT 1X System is more readily affordable to ship Internationally.  Extremely easy attachment to your car, van, or truck regardless of the size or type of cross racks. Your shell's cushioned ride is safe and stress free.   Also note, you can carry your single fully rigged on our CT 1X System.  Put your boat on, tie it down & go!

This CT 1X System will work with for all Recreational or Open Water 1X's, and Kayaks.  For your Racing 1X's and Surf Skis, please refer to our CT 1X System with Narrow Cradles for a more appropriate fit.

Due to the packaging specifications and weight of our Cartop Systems, a $44.95 Shipping & handling charge will be added to our Domestic orders. For International customers, please contact us for an International Shipping Quote. Please note Tie Down Straps are not included.

If your carrying multiple boats, this is the base of your Burnham CT System.  From here, you can add CT components to match and maximize your carrying needs.  Please look at the "Build a System Options" in this section of our website for ideas.  You can always call Toll Free @ 1-888-285-1007, for any additional or unanswered questions.

We develop and manufacture this product in New Hampshire, USA.

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Jim Jun 29 2019


Fantastic product and customer service. I have used these cradles quite a bit since I purchased them in March 2018 and they were successfully freighted internationally to Australia. They are very well made and they do a nice job of transporting the racing scull without any risk of damage. The cradles are the larger size which I chose for a bit more optionality over the small cradles which are very light and they cushion very well. I particularly like the universal mounting system which makes attachment to the roof rack cross bars (1 person job) much easier (without tools) and quicker than other manufacturer offerings. There is no need for additional straps for the bow and stern over and above the recommended 2 straps as the cradles are located well past end of the stern gunnel and bow wash board and the boat is very secure once tied down. The only modifications I have had to make were some additional drilled holes to match the spacing my Rhino Rack Vortex roof racks to the universal mounting system and the installation of 2 stainless steel I Bolts immediately inside of each cradle at either end which makes tieing the scull down with straps a lot easier with the straps moving nicely through the polished round I Bolts. A feature I particularly like of this rack is being able to transport the scull with rigger on. I always transport the scull with the gunnels down and I usually tie each side of the winged rigger down to the roof rack cross member with a bit of padding and an octopus strap. Being a large 4wd the rack sits on 4 Rhino Rack Vortex Cross members secured by the universal mounting system and the scull is fairly high off the ground once loaded. I am tall enough to load scull on the scull rack but I usually take a small folding step ladder with me to regattas which makes tieing down the scull a lot easier. The scull is transported in a Burnham Boat slings scull cover. Wind noise whilst driving from the rack is minimised by the rubber end caps and whilst there is some wind noise it is no worse than any other rack and it is totally fine. I have not tried to carry a double/pair on the rack which requires slight modification, but I love the versatility to be able to do so, if I so choose.

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