CT 1X Sprinter System


The CT 1X Sprinter System with Speed Bars™  includes our updated 60" (1.5"x 3") rounded edge Aluminum Rail, with NEW center drilled Universal Mounting hardware, and (2) 20" Speed Bars™.  Extremely easy attachment to your roof cross racks with our machined rail & Burnham square U-bolt system. Your shell's cushioned ride is safe and stress free.  Please note, most singles will fit best un-rigged on our CT 1X Sprinter System.

Put your boat on, strap it down & go!

This CT 1X Sprinter System will work with all Racing & Recreational Singles. 60" meets the length of most cockpits.

Due to the packaging specifications, weight, and the rise in shipping costs, our Cartop Systems shipping & handling fee of $54.95 will be added to you order. Please note Tie Down Straps are not included.

You can always call Toll Free 1-888-285-1007 for any additional information and unanswered questions.

We develop and manufacture this product in New Hampshire, USA.

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