CT 1X System with Narrow Cradles


The CT 1X System with Narrow Cradles includes our updated 8' (1.5"x 3") rounded edge Aluminum Rail, with NEW center drilled Universal Mounting hardware, and (2) 14" Narrow Cradles.  Extremely easy attachment to your car, van, or truck regardless of the size or type of cross racks. Your shell's cushioned ride is safe and stress free.  Also note, you can carry your single fully rigged on our CT 1X System. Put your boat on, tie it down & go!

This CT 1X System will work with all Racing Singles and Surf Skis.  For Recreational or Open water 1X's, please refer to our CT 1X System with Wide 18" Cradles for a more appropriate fit.

Due to the packaging specifications, weight, and the rise in shipping costs, our Cartop Systems shipping & handling fee of $69.95 will be added to you order. Please note Tie Down Straps are not included.

If you're carrying multiple boats, this is the base of your Burnham CT System.  From here, you can add CT components to match and maximize your carrying needs.  Please look at the "Build a System Options" in this section of our website for ideas.  You can always call Toll Free @ 1-888-285-1007, for any additional and unanswered questions.

We develop and manufacture this product in New Hampshire, USA.

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9 Reviews

margaret healy Jul 26 2022

Great system

Great product and excellent service- they walked me through how to set up rack on my car top.

Linda Fiedler Jun 10 2021

Great rack, but not quite universal fit

The hole spacing on the rack does not fit all roof racks. We got the rack to work on the Mazda 3 roof rack by buying an extra u-bolt and using two plates across the roof rack between 2 u-bolts. I will ask Burnham for an extra u-bolt with the T-handle bolts, so we don't have to use a wrench.

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