CT 2X: 8' Rail with 4' Extension Rail & Wide Cradles



This ORIGINAL CT 2X Cradle Rack is built for your CT 1X System.  The CT 2X Wide Cradles Rack includes our original 8' (1.5"x3") Aluminum Rail, with NEW center drilled Universal Mounting hardware, (1) 4' Extension Rail with Rail Connecting Hardware, and (2) 19" Wide Cradles.  Our CT 2X Cradle System will solidly carry your 2X deck side down with supporting 19" Wide Cradles located at your decks.  It's a very solid & secure ride for your boat making your trip stress-free!  Extremely easy attachment to your car, van, or truck regardless of the size or type of cross racks.

Often (3) Tie Down Straps are recommended in carrying your 2X this way.  Any additional bow and stern straps to further secure your boat down to a bumper are not necessary.  However, personal preference is recommended.

Due to the packaging specifications and weight of our Cartop Systems, a $79.95 Shipping & handling charge will be added to our Domestic orders.  For International customers, please contact us for an International Shipping Quote. Please note Tie Down Straps are not included.

This CT 2X Rack is built with the base of your Burnham CT 1X System.  From here, you can add CT components to match and maximize your carrying needs.   You can always call Toll Free @ 1-888-285-1007, for any additional or unanswered questions 

We develop and manufacture this product in New Hampshire, USA.

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2 Reviews

Gregory Wright Jun 18 2020

CT 2X rack

The rack assembled without any difficult and fits on our Thule roof bars. We are going to use it to move our Vespoli double; the slings carry it nicely but we have yet to travel any distance with it.

Bob Jul 01 2019

Clever design makes rack adaptable to different hulls

I have owned Burnham racks since the early days. This new rack has a couple of great improvements. I purchased for a 2x. It is actually a 1x rail, with an extension, and wider slings. In other words, you could break it down and also use it for a 1x. Earlier versions had wing nuts on the u-bolts. They were hard on your fingers, especially loading up in winter for the southern trip! This one has nice plastic "thumbscrews" which give you more leverage and are easier on the fingers. It also seems that this generation is a lighter gauge aluminum. Still plenty strong, but easier to handle. Perfect in every way.

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