Hanging Rack System with Pulley Hoist


Our Burnham Hanging rack system contains (2) Tubular Aluminum Hanging Racks -- Easy Storage! Hang your Boat inside your Garage, Boathouse, or Barn. Lightweight, Strong, Cushioned Nylon Pad with built in Safety Strap!  This system includes our easy to use Burnham Pulley Hoist.  Our recent updates include a coated wire hanger and safety strap.  Made in our own factory in New Hampshire.

The Burnham Pulley Hoist for Hanging Rack System makes inside storage easy.† The Burnham Pulley Hoist will be able to handle a load up to 2000 pounds. The hoist itself is manual, so the lifting would need to be done by the user. The pulley hoist, however, DOES NOT HAVE ANY BRAKING SYSTEM.  Therefore creating your own "stop" is important.  It comes with 1/4 inch rope. Some assembly required.

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Andrew Jul 23 2019

Hanging rack system

The brackets could use a bit more curve at the outer end of the lower arm to aid in retention of the boat against lateral movement, esp when being slid in lengthwise as opposed to put in perpendicularly. I will add a tennis ball. The padding on the lower arm is adequate, not generous. I will add material-swimming woggle/noodles attached with zip ties should work well. I tried the hoists, decided I did not need them, just attached the brackets to the rafters of the boathouse. The hoists work very well once you get the various strands properly aligned in the pulleys, tho the cords are way too long. The plastic cord moves through the pulleys very smoothly. I do not like the upper and lower "jaws" on the pulleys that attach to the brackets and the boathouse, they have a tendency to flop open when not under pressure. Tape them shut. The lack of a braking system on the hoist is no problem. I don't see the need for the stability bar, as the boat essentially provides that function once it's in the slings.

Nov 22 2016

Very nice; did't need the hoist

Good product, but the hoists should be optional. May I send them bacK

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