Universal Wide U-Bolt Mounting Hardware


Set of (4) 3.5" Wide U-Bolts - Fits to any oversized factory car racks and many truck racks. Works best with pre-2014 (2" x 3") 8' or 4' Cartop Rails.  

Please note that these U-Bolts come with an integrated turning knob, lock washer, and flat washer rather than the plain hex nuts in the photos.

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chris May 27 2022

way better than what I put together at home depot

The best part of this is the large wing nuts, big and comfortable and easy to tighten! Update your pictures so everyone can see them!!!

Kit Wise Jun 23 2020

Wide U-bolt mounting hardware.

The U-bolts did the job, but the nyloc plastic wingnuts are VERY hard to turn, especially when working at an awkward angle on the top of a car. I had to use a wrench for extra leverage, and tried to lubricate with WD-40, which didn't help.

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